FitPro Hawaii was started to help young adults, mothers, fathers, and seniors improve their health, self-confidence, and social life through the power of exercise.   Crowded gyms can be intimidating and embarrassing for some people. Our private setting removes this “fear” component and allows anyone to achieve their fitness goal faster than ever.

Mini Kettlebell FitPro Hawaii

Why Choose Us

Here are just a few reasons:

-25 Years Bodybuilding Experience
-Licenses Massage Therapist
-Kettlebell Specialist
-No Crowds / Efficient Workouts
-Professional Attention To Details
-Private (One-on-One) Setting
-Special Limited Offer for New Clients

Mini Kettlebell FitPro Hawaii


465 Kapahulu Ave #104
Honolulu, HI ‎96815

Phone: (808) 387-1552
Email: fitprohawaii@gmail.com

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Mini Kettlebell FitPro Hawaii